Annamaria Pellegrino

Ready to help you navigate life’s challenges and find more moments to not only survive but to also thrive!

You are your power.

Coaching and workshops

Annamaria offers 121 coaching, self-development workshops and seminars as well as online and in-person events throughout the year.

Having worked with a vast array of creatives and entrepreneurs Annamaria knows that it can often be a challenge to channel ideas with focus, use a structured approach to building a business and prevent imposter syndrome from taking over. Annamaria works with creatives to empower their belief system, create strategies and structure, whilst providing support and accountability. When your work aligns with who you are and the belief in what you have to offer, combined with structure and accountability you begin to thrive.

After specialising in positive psychology and wellbeing for over 10 years, Annamaria founded Bodhi Fit Ltd. Here she coaches creatives, entrepreneurs and women trying to rediscover who they are, who they want to be and what they want in life.

Annamaria’s work is centred around the belief that Your power really is you but it can a lonely journey trying to find out what makes you tick, what is important to you, whilst showing up, taking the right action, navigating the challenges thrown at you whilst staying accountable and being the best version of yourself possible (it even sounds exhausting!).

Awaken Your Best Stationery and Journals

She has also specially designed a range of journals and stationery that use a combination of psychology, wellbeing, and productivity to support you in looking after yourself, feeling good day-to-day, creating clarity, reflecting and taking action.

The AYB collection includes: Your place to Mind dump Journal, Your perfect Daily Planner. We also have collaborated with a fellow tea setter, Dr. Bev Morris to create Moments of Joy Journal and Moments of… mini notebook.

Annamaria is here to help you rediscover your power and help you to thrive!

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