Dr Bev Morris

Exploring the extremes in ordinary lives.

Bev has been writing, creating and discovering lost voices for thirty years. She’s only recently found her own voice, hoarse from years of whispering.

Published in the UK, Canada and Australia and working with clients from North America to Antarctica, she writes in glimpsed form, looking for ordinary moments that spark an extraordinary connection. Using a light touch, she draws on memory, observation, and a fascination for the unknowable. Writing alone is not for her: collaboration and the success of others is what brings her light in dark times and rekindles her creative joy.

Find her work here: https://www.marvellousmindscreatives.co.uk

With a complex life story of her own, Bev is unwilling to settle for the constraints of one form to explore the truth and lies we all tell ourselves. She writes short stories, flash fiction, poetry, essays, stage plays, creative non-fiction, and novels. She also defies the convention of writing in one genre. Her most recent works are a military history, An Average Pilot, and a wellbeing journal, Moments of Joy and has created a podcast Who Killed the Sisterhood? with Annamaria Pellegrino, another Tea Setter.

As a writing coach and mentor, her clients include Special Forces operatives, pilots, novelists, scientists, musicians, teachers, and poets. Either writing with others or taking inspiration from their stories, Bev’s work listens to arguments through closed doors, questions commonplace truths, and rages at the inertia of humanity. She is deliberately deceptive through seemingly simple stories and words to conceal the lies that har us all.

Her poetry is published by the award-winning Beautiful Dragons (Ragged Rocks, Running Rascals, Bloody Amazing, Lighting Out, Watch the Birdie, Noble Dissent). Her short fiction is published by Retreat West (The Perfect Word) and Writers Online (The Show at the End of the Pier) and in women’s magazines (Woman’s Weekly, Family Circle). As well as performing eco-poetry as part of Poets 4 the Planet, her eco-article has been published by AMED (The Fifth Element) and her plays (Vagina Blogs, and 9 Lives, 8 Deaths) have been performed by Contexture Theatre.

Bev is currently owned by ‘Rodney, The Tea Set Cat‘ who keeps a watchful eye on her creative output. He does encourage her to chat to other humans about writing and books, so join us on social media:

X: https://twitter.com/MarvellousMinds 

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/MarvellousMindsCreatives/ 

Website: https://www.marvellousmindscreatives.com

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