Rodney – the Tea Set Cat

Ah, but what a life it is, to nap, and eat, and cat about.

We are all but felines, sleeping with one eye open.

As a renowned creative myself, I find that naps and snacks must never be forsaken as this has a deleterious effect on one’s work. My preferred genre is meowmoir as, obviously, it’s all about me.

In the spirit of my ancient Egyptian forebears and as an act of great catness, I have offered to share my wisdom and whiskers with the women of the Tea Set. They need my constant supervision and nocturnal inspiration to bring out their finest qualities and I’m rather pleased with their first anthology. Do buy it and tell everyone how wonderful it is because, of course, that means more treats for me. Did I mention it’s about that thing called AI? Can’t quite fathom it myself as the only truly intelligent life form on this planet is clearly feline.

I’ll be sharing my meowsings from time-to-time, so do pop back in to see me. No petting allowed. Just admiration from an appropriately respectful distance.

Rodney Writes…

It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single cat in possession of fine whiskers, must be in want of breakfast. And lunch. And supper. And snacks.

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