Diana Defries

Cartoonist, Illustrator, Poet, Artist

Abstract, absurd, and occasionally amusing.

Cartoons have been a constant in Diana’s life ever since she discovered the power of putting crayon to wall, then pencil or pen to paper.

She drew everything and everyone around her, particularly school teachers, which created a fair bit of trouble (and some amusement).

She enjoys offbeat humour, like Gary Larsen’s The Far Side, John Callaghan’s rather disturbing creations, and Mad Magazine’s Don Martin and his inimitable creation ‘Kaptain Klutz’, whose absurdity makes him spectacularly silly.

Her writing assumes many guises, as poetry or prose. Subjects range from ‘a bit daft’ to dark and disturbing. She is currently working on a couple of projects which live in a cupboard and only emerge after dark.

A few examples of comic pages:

Originally created in the Mesozoic era, using rendered clay, animal urine and pointy sticks, these have been tarted up a bit, using Photoshop, for clarity and to soothe artistic paranoia…

… so it’s all fine, it really is absolutely f-i-i-ne

Atlanta weather
The Bed Magnet
Birthday Boy
This is my life??

Diana has illustrated stories, poems and two children’s books.

She uses a range of media to bring her ideas to life, including pen and ink, gouache, pastel and graphite. Most artwork is scanned then given a wash and brush-up in Photoshop.

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