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Chill with a Book Award for Murder at the Herald!

Amazon Reviews for Murder at the Herald:

What an enjoyable murder story. Brilliantly full of humour and intrigue, with a stunning jaw dropping ending. I loved it and cannot recommend it highly enough.

A great first novel, with humour and pace. Loved it! Can’t wait for the next one.

A brilliant first book, I look forward to more from Polynesia.

A classic well written crime novel which keeps you hooked right through to the end.

Polynesia Henman has an unusual back story

As a child she once solved a murder that baffled the police. But that was years ago.  Now she’s a journalist, bored to tears writing lifestyle articles for The Daily Herald, while all the time dreaming of becoming an investigative reporter.  At last the perfect job comes up, and she’s devastated when it goes to her arch rival, the poisonous and manipulative Alice Smith.

But then the editor is brutally murdered, and Polynesia sees her chance.  She’s determined to prove her investigative credentials by finding the killer. Persuading her eccentric father and her best friend, Jess, to join her, she sets about tracking down a murderer …


There is a very unusual story behind the creation of Murder at the Herald. To discover how and why this book was written, please visit Louise’s website www.louisebarden.com

To buy a paperback or Kindle ebook version of Murder at the Herald, please visit Louise’s Amazon page.

If you fancy a spot of armchair travel, Louise’s travel blog, Channelling Mr Toad, recounts her travels across five continents.

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